Lash Pink silicone
My Lamination® Lash Lash Silicone in 100% Platinum Silicone to curl lashes. Suitable for all eye shapes, comfortable to wear, easy to apply. 5 exclusive sizes (S, M, XM, L, XL).

XL size specially designed for male eyes!

Pink silicone: soft consistency, medium porosity.

Doll effect

How to use: Apply the silicone pad on the eyelid (near the upper lash line).

Contents: 10 pieces (5 pairs – different sizes)
Ingredients: Platinum Silicone (Rubber).
Made in Italy.

External use.
Professional use.
Single use.
If side effects occur, wash your eyes, consult a doctor.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store at a cool temperature and avoid direct light.