Silicon Pads RaikoLashes MIX (5 sizes)

Silicon Pads intended for the eyelash lamination procedure.

Silicon Pads Mix 5 sizes:

Size S- intended for short eyelashes
Size M, M1, M2- intended for medium lashes
Size L – intended for long eyelashes

Professional use.


Manual :

Select a silicone pad according to the desired curvature and the size of the eyes and apply the Fixing Gel to stick the silicone pads on the eyelids; Use micro-brushes and cordless applicators.

Position the silicone pad on the upper eyelid (under the eyelashes – without covering them and as close as possible to their base);

Apply the Fixing Gel on the silicone pad and fix/arrange the eyelashes on it, we advise you to use a Lami Tool and an applicator brush;

See My Lamination Eyelash Lamination Kit for Eyelash Lamination Procedure Protocol.

See the Accessories needed for the procedure.